Welcome to the companion website for the Teaching Tech YouTube channel.

Teaching Tech is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing quality content that will help expand your technology related skills and knowledge.

As a qualified Industrial Designer and Primary/Secondary school teacher, my expertise is very broad. The channel features tutorials on 3D modelling, 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC machining, coding, robotics, electronics and graphic design. I also have other fun tech which I review and feature.

I pride myself on my integrity and can guarantee only unbiased, unpaid reviews and opinions. The content of my videos is something you can trust to help form your opinion. Finally, I love doing things on a budget. This means I can pass on some great tips that can get you started for minimal outlay.

This website aims to build on the content provided by my YouTube videos. In some ways it will be more useful than video, which is a one way communication, because I can include interactive content or detailed methodologies. In time this site will be expanded to include more written instructions to compliment videos.

This site, like the YouTube video descriptions, contain affiliate marketing links. These include affiliate links through Amazon as I am an Amazon Associate. An affiliate link gives me a percentage of the sale price as a commision, with no increase in price for you. It is understandable if you wish not to use them, so please avoid them if you prefer.

This channel trailer was the first ever video on the channel but proved to be accurate. Although I primarily focus on 3D printing, I have covered everything listed except video editing.